Deployed Solutions

Document Automation

Outline draft documents are constructed in seconds by artificial intelligence, resulting in significant time savings. Documents are then reviewed and fine-tuned.

Paperless Briefs

Paperless briefs are welcomed and are the preferred instruction method. Drafting, advices, consultations, negotiations and court appearances without printing a page.

Online Consultations

Face to face consultations from the comfort of your office. Patch in clients, witnesses, experts, or other litigation team members. Share documents and images electronically. Effective and efficient.

Virtual Office

Secure encrypted cloud technology places the entire office on the cloud. Tailored access for secretaries, typists, and book-keepers means the entire team can work remotely.

Online Services

Upload Paperless Briefs

Upload paperless briefs via secure cloud to save time and costs. Faster turnaround and less printing, binding, and posting.

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Express Drafting

Need a draft in a hurry? Use this interactive form to get an express service (paperless brief also required).

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Private Consultations

Book a video consultation and meet online with counsel, clients, witnesses and/or experts.

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