Paperless Brief

Teaching lawyers how to work with e-briefs.

The workshop can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individuals or groups, be they solicitors, barristers, or legal secretaries. Suggested topics are set out below.

To arrange a workshop for an individual or group, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

Topic 1: How and Why to go Paperless

Examining the principal benefits of a paperless practice and demonstrating how practitioners can make the transition from a paper-centred practice to paperless. (30 Minutes)

Topic 2: PDF Management & Manipulation

Central to a paperless practice is the PDF (‘Portable Document Format’). This session explains (with demonstrations) how to create, manage, and manipulate PDF files for maximum efficiency. (30 Minutes)

Topic 3: Working Without Paper – Digital Briefs & Notebooks

Reflecting the increasing volume of PDF briefs, this session examines (with demonstrations) how to tag, highlight, and annotate PDF briefs in the same way you would a paper brief. We also demonstrate how to use digital notebooks effectively. (1 Hour)

Session 4: Automation & Outsourcing of Routine Tasks 

A brief examination of the efficiencies that can be achieved by utilising existing document automation services and/or digitally outsourcing your routine office tasks. (15 Minutes)