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Is the future of litigation a paperless one?

It’s not the future. Paperless briefs are already here.

Many solicitors doing transactional and compliance work are already largely paperless. Why not litigation?

1. The need to retain original documents, and for paper court filings, dilutes the benefit somewhat. 2. Paperless briefs are often misunderstood and (when used) are often poorly constructed. 3. Time pressure prevents many lawyers from developing the skills necessary to work paperlessly.

What is a paperless brief?

Paperless briefs (also referred to as electronic briefs or e-briefs) are briefs that are created, exchanged, and worked on electronically, in effect meaning that there is no need for paper to be used at any time. Paperless briefs are not widely used in Ireland at present, to the best of my knowledge and (16 years) experience. The mere act of sending an assortment of documents by e-mail is not what I am talking about – there is a method and a system to be followed in compiling a paperless brief.

If you are interested in learning more about paperless briefs, please see the ‘Read More’ section (below).

Paperless Brief

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Some of the benefits of paperless litigation – time saving and money saving. Could you ask for more? There is more.

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Creating a Paperless Brief

Some advice on how to go about creating a paperless brief, whether you have document management software or just a scanner.

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Transmitting a Paperless Brief

Stricter data security regulation, together with the Schrems litigation, means appropriate precautions should be taken.

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