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Artificial Intelligence & Criminal Justice

    I was honoured to be asked by the Bar of Ireland to participate in Justice Week 2022 by contributing my thoughts and views to a podcast about Artifical Intelligence in the Criminal Justice System.

    Here’s the podcast:

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    • MMC (London based VC firm) study in 2019 found that almost 45% of European start-ups that advertise their AI capabilities do not even use AI. (Forbes – link)
    • US Magazine The Atlantic said AI had become ‘meaningless’ and is ‘often just a fancy name for a computer program’. (The Atlantic – link)
    • Tesla founder Elon Musk has described AI as humanity’s “biggest existential threat” (Guardian – link) and that it poses a “fundamental risk to the existence of civilization”. (The Verge – link)
    • Stephen Hawking has said that AI could spell the end of the human race. (BBC – link; Guardian – link)
    • Vladimir Putin has said that the country that takes the lead in AI would rule the world. (CNN – link)