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Note: I only accept instructions from solicitors or under the Direct Professional Access scheme.

To instruct me electronically, please fill out the form below.

Please note the following prior to upload:

  1. Where possible please include a covering letter that states your office’s file reference, the work required of me, and the deadline (or court date) for the work;
  2. Please prepare all documents in PDF booklet format and name them accordingly, eg. Book of Pleadings / Book of Evidence / Book of Reports etc. (to learn how to create PDF booklets, see this page);
  3. If you are scanning papers to upload to me, please observe Point 2 above. (to learn how to scan more efficiently, see this page);
  4. You may upload as many as 20 files. Each file may be up to 100MB in size, but no individual file may be larger than 100MB. If you wish to upload larger file(s), please contact me.

Thank you for your co-operation with these requests.

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