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Court of Appeal Sentencing Database

    The Judicial Council has published a database of Court of Appeal decisions from 2014 to 2023, but in a format that is a little difficult to interrogate. I’ve taken the data and made it available here in a format that makes it easier to search and analyse.

    Sam Bankman-Fried

    United States -v- Bankman-Fried

      I’ve been following the FTX Trial in New York and it has made for interesting (if sometimes cringeworthy) reading. There are numerous ways to follow the trial, and to learn more about the background, and I’ve collected some of those sources here together with some background information.

      Discovery of Post-Accident Medical Records

        The Court of Appeal has recently confirmed the general principles applicable to discovery applications and ‘discoverability’, and has further confirmed that in appropriate circumstances a defendant may obtain discovery of a plantiff’s post-accident records.

        The Anatomy of Guns

          Examining the different gun types, how they work, and the terminology associated with them – useful for your next firearms case.

          A Graph showing an upward trajectory

          Assessing ‘uplift’ for Multiple Injuries

            Where a plaintiff sustains multiple injuries, how are damages to be assessed? How is ‘uplift’ to be calculated? Is there a limit on the amount of ‘uplift’ that can be awarded?

            Mr. Justice Wikipedia?

              There has been a row between academics and the judiciary about the use of Wikipedia in judicial decisions. Here’s the background and the brief.

              Money Laundering

              Money Laundering

                In this article I look at (i) the legislative presumptions which come to the aid of the prosecuting authorities in cases of this type, and (ii) the sentence guidelines that can be extracted from the caselaw to date.