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Wellman: The Art of Cross-Examination

    The Art of Cross-Examination is a classic text for trial lawyers and law students on how to cross-examine witnesses. Written by American attorney Francis L. Wellman, the book was first published in 1903 by The Macmillan Company, and was still in print more than 100 years later.

    The book gives colorful, interesting facts on the trial participants; provides insights into various claims, disputes, marriage scandals; etc. The New York Times contrasted it with other, boring legal texts, and recommended it to both trial lawyers and non-lawyers for its entertainment value. It is filled with suspense regarding the outcomes of the compelling trials within the book. Equally suspenseful are the legal outcomes from the attempts of the attorneys to sway the juries with their erudition, wit, and charm.

    The book is out of copyright now, meaning that it is widely available. For my part, I read this book as a university student and thoroughly enjoyed it, and its lessons remain relevant to my practice now. In an effort to make the book accessible to a wider audience I am placing the full text on this website. Click the button below to access the Table of Contents. Enjoy!

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