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Assessing ‘uplift’ for Multiple Injuries

    Where a plaintiff sustains multiple injuries, how are damages to be assessed? How is ‘uplift’ to be calculated? Is there a limit on the amount of ‘uplift’ that can be awarded?

    Mr. Justice Wikipedia?

      There has been a row between academics and the judiciary about the use of Wikipedia in judicial decisions. Here’s the background and the brief.

      Money Laundering

      Money Laundering

        In this article I look at (i) the legislative presumptions which come to the aid of the prosecuting authorities in cases of this type, and (ii) the sentence guidelines that can be extracted from the caselaw to date.

        Commercial Tenants Covid 19 Rent

        Covid-19 & Commercial Tenancies

          A number of recent cases have examined whether commercial tenants are obliged to continue to pay rent when their businesses are unable to trade due to government restrictions.